Certified Personal Trainer
Certified For Group Exercise
Certified Pound Instructor
Certified Zumba Strong Instructor
Certified Zumba Toning Instructor
2017 GBO Pro Beach Body
2017 GBO Pro Atlas

Angelica Barrilleaux

Hi! My name is Angelica Barrilleaux. I was born in Venezuela, but raised in Colombia. I have six beautiful daughters who are my support and motivation that drive me as a person!

Since 2008, I have been a certified Zumba instructor. I love teaching Zumba because it lets me incorporate a lot of my Latin culture into the movements. I include everything from salsa to bachata to merengue! It’s fun to learn and also very fun to teach!

I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2012 and am certified as a nutritionist. I really try to instill a combined diet and exercise regimen with my clients so they get the best health and wellness results. I also recommend supplements to my clients for them to be in optimal health. I personally feel that their success is a reward and a blessing to me.

In 2012 and 2013, I competed in bodybuilding competitions. I personally love the sport of bodybuilding and have met many amazing people along the way. I can also train clients who wish to enter these competitions!

Currently I am working at the Zoo Gym teaching Zumba classes, ladies’ group exercises and personal training with clients. In my spare time I am also working on my own personal fitness goal and training for competition. I also love to read, make jewelry and would love to pick up tennis as a full time hobby.


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